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Travel for Competition

Planning for Travel

Qualifier 1 – Weekend of September 25th = Gaston

Qualifier 2 – Weekend of October 16th = Buggs/Kerr

Qualifier 3 – Weekend of March 12th = Smith Mountain Lake

Qualifier 4 – Weekend of April 3rd = Chickahominy River

Championship:  It will be one of these two weekends due to the Adult State Team Tournament with Bass Nation (Bassmaster).  We will not know until after January which weekend we fish for the Championship. So please leave these two weekends open until we receive the information from (Bass Nation at Bassmasters).


April 30 & May 1st


May 14 & 15

Our competitions are out of the Frederick County area.  This means you need to think about travel arrangements and costs.  

These areas tend to be rural and often do not have an abundance of amenities.  There are several accommodations our team has used in the past.  

2020/2021 Schedule

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