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Chick Qualifier
Agenda North/South

Jared's email regarding Chick Qualifier, 2022
North/South Agenda

Jack sent the attached Chickahominy River Qualifier Agenda over the weekend.  Ramp address is at the top of the agenda.  I’ve also included a screenshot picture of where the ramp is located in the park.  Parking is in the surrounding fields.

For those Boat Captain’s that are new to the Chick, note this is a Tidal River.  You can go online and look at the tide charts….It appears to have Low Tide at 8:53 a.m. at the Rte 5 Bridge on Sunday & Lanexa, VA (Upriver) low tide on Sunday is at 10:05 a.m.   Correct me IF I’m wrong on this information!  Bottom line we are fishing a ‘falling tide’ at launch and will be fishing a rising tide in the afternoon.  Wind can also effect the tide.  Recommend looking at a topo map or downloading the Navionics Ap on your phone to note contour lines and channel depths as shallow flats of 1-3 foot are easy to run up (run aground) while on the water.  Staying in the main creek Channel when running is safe regardless of the tide level.  Let one of us know if you want some help navigating initially to get some tracks down on your graph. 

Text, call, or use the Team AP if you have any questions or need any help.


Would ask if possible, to stick around and support your fellow teammates at weigh in and we’ll try to grab a Team Photo before heading home.



  • 12” slot limit

  • The Championship will be April 30th & May 1st @ Occoneechee, more details to follow.  Friday night meeting at the Community Center.  They are still working on points for the team trail and they will use the Top 5 off each of the JSQ’s for HS to go to the Championship.   Juniors need to catch 3 fish in any one tournament.


Good Luck, Compete, Have FUN, & Be Safe!



Jared M. Mounts

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