Boat Captains Coaches

Want to become a BOAT CAPTAIN? 
That would be excellent!

Complete the steps below:



BASS Nation of Virginia Boat Captain Release Form

--print, complete, bring to Jake's Bait & Tackle



BASS Federation Nation of Virginia Certificate of Boat Insurance Form

--print, complete, bring to Jake's Bait & Tackle



Proof of Insurance Paperwork

--email Kalena or print and bring to Jake's Bait & Tackle.

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Our coaches are amazing!  Dedicated to teaching the anglers and growing their skills.

Coaches may only fall in the following criteria:

- Official faculty member of the student’s institution

- Close family friend/State Nation member

- Parent of the student’s High School B.A.S.S. Club

*If a potential coach is a local guide, then they will be ineligible for the tournament.

B.A.S.S. reserves the right to deny any Coach.

During Official Practice* Coaches MAY:


1.  Coach

2.  Give advice

3.  Teach by example

4.  Fish

5.  Run the trolling motor

6.  Land fish with or without a net

During Competition Coaches MAY:


1.  Coach

2.  Give advice (send in plays)

3.  Verbally explain techniques, how to…….


In addition each team must take a 15 minute halftime beginning at the time designated by the Tournament Director. This is designed to instruct, hydrate, and eat before beginning the second half.

Coaches MAY NOT:


1.  Fish

2.  Teach by example

3.  Tie knots

4.  Land fish with or without a net

5.  Run the trolling motor

*This is a state by state basis. Some states require a valid vessel license in order to operate the trolling motor. If this is the case and your students do not have a valid vessel license, then you will be allowed to operate the trolling motor during competition.


During Official Practice* or Competition, anytime the combustion engine is running, coaches MUST be seated in the driver’s seat in full control of the boat.


*official practice days only are those days immediately preceding competition days, in which B.A.S.S. has

identified as the “official practice days”. Not all events will have “official practice days”