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Who We Are


B.A.S.S. High School Nation of

Virginia Inc. is an interscholastic

tournament bass fishing program

that helps shape the future of the

sport, one high school club at a time.

B.A.S.S. High School Nation of Virginia is made

up of middle and high school student anglers who

enjoy the thrill and competitiveness of tournament

bass fishing. Our youth anglers serve as positive

role models for other youth and as good stewards

of our natural environment and wildlife.

B.A.S.S. High School Nation membership

fosters leadership, problem solving skills, and

public speaking skills. B.A.S.S. High School Nation

promotes environmental awareness and good

citizen responsibility by engaging students not only

in recreational and tournament fishing, but also

conservation and public service projects.


Check out our websites:

Bass Federation Nation of Virginia



Why Join?


You could be on a Varsity team at your high

school fishing in a local, state, or national high

school bass tournaments.

You could be making lasting memories traveling

around the state and nation to fish competitively.


You could be meeting other youth and coaches

who enjoy being outdoors, on the water, casting

a line in hopes of catching that elusive bucket-

mouth lunker.

Many Virginia colleges and universities have

bass fishing teams that fish National NCAA

tournaments for scholarships.

You don’t need a bass boat to start fishing

today—you can fish from the bank or simple

jon boat. Virginia has many reservoirs that

rent boating equipment at the site. Check out

the Virginia Department of Game and Inland

Fisheries’ website for additional information at

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Possible Club Activities and Programs


  • “How-to” clinics

  • Fishing with various lures

  • Making lures

  • Building rods & repairing rods and reels

  • Putting lines on various reel types

  • Discussing rod/reel combinations, their advantages and uses

  • Maintaining fishing equipment

  • Guest speaker seminars

  • Fishing ethics

  • Boater safety classes

  • State fishing rules and regulations

  • Preparing for tournaments and tournament fishing

  • Meet the nation’s elite fishermen

  • Possibly earn a spot on the John Crews’ Elite or John Crews’ Academic teams

  • Marketing fishing equipment

  • Obtaining business sponsorships

  • Community Service Projects

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