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Qualifier 4
Chickahominy River

April 29 & 30, 2023

It was a TOUGH ONE!!  Jared aptly described the tournament below:


GRIND (verb) - to perform repetitive tasks over & over in order to attain a goal.  


Practice & competition was not easy, the fish in the river were stingy.  Couple of stats to consider to put it in perspective.  Out of a total of 74 boats in both divisions, only 7 boats weighed 5 fish.  41 total boats, over half the field didn't weigh a single fish.  


We are proud of newcomer Joseph Pisarcik (Jeff Meres -Captain) finishing in 21st place out of 51 boats. Bryson Moseley & Christian Moseley didn't catch a fish in practice but figured some things out (throwing parallel to walls) to pick up 2 fish in the last hour and finish 12th out of 51 boats.  Bryson caught a 3.11 and Christian caught the other.  Great Job!  It is NOT easy, especially under the cold/windy conditions with little success to keep casting, fishing, and trying to figure it out.  I am proud of those that continued to "GRIND" it out.  Some of you figured some things out in practice that you can add to experience on the water.  To others, it just wasn't your day.  The team relationships hopefully were strengthened.


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